We offer the following types of inspections

Full Residential Inspection- A complete inspection considering all systems of a home assessing their integration to work as a system and ability to prevent premature deterioration. The inspection will include: exterior grounds, vegetation, driveway, and walks. Exterior siding, porch, patio, steps, paint, drainage, and ability to protect from external elements. Heating, cooling, useful life, air duct efficiency and locations. Electrical service entrance, conductor/ panel/ breaker continuity, clearances, GFCI protection, outlet/switch function, and proper appliance protection. Plumbing supply, drainage, venting, toilets, faucets, and leak prevention. Windows, Doors, Doorbells, Smoke detectors, Carbon detector, Locks, Emergency Egress, and Weatherstripping. Roof condition, venting, chimney clearance, water drainage, sheathing, fastening, and flashing. Interior ceiling, walls, flooring, cabinetry, water intrusion, lighting, stairs, balusters/railing, and bath/showers condition. Insulation, ventilation, attics, crawlspaces, and vapor barriers. Structural foundations, framing, supports, fastening, and proper load/bearing designs. Report includes photos, preventive maintenance, deficiencies in any items, and summary.

Four Point Inspection- A limited visual inspection of major systems heating/cooling, electrical, plumbing, and roofing for insurance premium purposes, and to calculate habitability. Includes report with photos and description of condition of each system and approximate life expectancy.

Wind Mitigation Inspection- An in-depth inspection of wind and hurricane sustainability design on the home.  Major items inspected are roof type, roof framing fasteners and sheathing including roof wall attachments. Window, Door, Garage Door Wind Stability, and Cyclical load for wind damage prevention. Hurricane shutter style, window glass rating, and secondary water resistance. Includes report and photos provided to insurer for purposes of calculating premium and possible discounts.

Condominium- Includes same items as a full residential inspection. Also includes shared facilities and systems that are part of the property.

Outbuilding Inspection- Additional outbuildings on the property are not included in the full home inspection. Additional inspection is available for other structures on the property and includes all items in a full home inspection if applicable. Included with report for home.

Pool Inspection- Available for properties with outdoor/indoor pools, and is not included in full residential inspection. Includes inspection of decking, coping, lining, filters, heating, drainage, electrical/ GFCI protection, pump, and piping inspection. Summary and conditions included with report for home.