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Inspections Offered 0-1500 Sq Ft 1500-3000 Sq Ft 3000-4500 Sq Ft 4500-6000 Sq Ft 6000+ Sq Ft
Full Residential Inspection
*Includes a Four Point Inspection*
$325 $375 $425 $525 Call For Quote
Condo Inspection (no exterior)
*Includes a Four Point Inspection*
$275 $325 $375 $475
Scope Note Inspection Report
*Same Inspection, No formal report and no
Four Point Report Included*
$100 off regular inspection report
Commercial Inspections: Minimum $400. Final price will depend on size of building and scope of inspection. Please call for quote.
$50 when completed with Full Residential
Outbuildings (each)
$50 when completed with Full Residental
Wind Mitigation
$50 when completed with Full Residential
$50 when completed with Full Residential
Stand Alone Inspections
Four Point (Roof-HVAC-Electrical-Plumbing)
Wind Mitigation (We fill and send in forms)
Above Wind and Four Point Inspections combined

There will be a $25 additional charge for homes built prior to 1970.

Chinese drywall inspections, if done during regular home inspection, costs $250 for lab fees plus shipping. 
A stand-alone Chinese drywall inspection costs  $100 plus $250 for lab fees plus shipping.  

Re-inspections for completed repairs start at $100.  This consists of a simple email from us stating result of each stated repair.  If another full report is required, the cost would be the same as a new inspection.  Clients must provide a list of all completed repairs prior to inspection.

***We give 10% discounts to active and retired Military clients as well as members of the Professional Investors Guild***